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Welcome to The 4ever Turning Heads Collection, LLC. We are a company that provide human hair extensions to women all over the world. 

Hi, my name is LaQuana, I'm the owner of The 4ever Turning Heads Collection, LLC. I started this company after working for a well known hair company for about a year. While working for this company, I decided to enroll into cosmetology school. After seeing/hearing a lot of women complain about the quality of hair they were receiving from other vendors, with many women asking me "where did I get my hair from", and hair extension being such a high demand, I decided to stop working for the well known company and put my plan into action and start my own business. 

The 4ever Turning Heads Collection was designed to provide hair extensions to women who's having a hard time finding a vendor that provides high quality hair and to help women who's suffering from hair loss from alopecia, cancer, and any other diseases that may cause hair loss find the best quality hair/wigs for them. We want our customers to look and feel glamorous with our luscious, voluminous, and beautiful hair extensions/wigs.

So come shop with us and make sure you are Turning Heads!

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